Vinjerac place

A picturesque place located on the southeast side of the Velebit canal, Vinjerac is a true little gem of Zadar County. When you arrive at the area, the magical panorama will leave you speechless. The view of the old center of the city, the sea, and the magnificent Velebit is unique and beautiful. Vinjerac has a long history that dates back to the 14th century when it was under Venetian rule, once a strategic port, and today a small fishing village. It is decorated with a beautifully decorated beach with several old stone houses, cafes, restaurants, and promenades throughout the place along the coast all the way to the well-known breakwater that the locals call "Mol".

A beautiful tourist spot great for a quiet family vacation, not far from it there are several beautiful Dalmatian cities, national parks, and rivers, something for everyone, even for die-hard adventurers.

The sea is crystal clear and rich in different types of fish. Fishermen and sailors are the traditions of Vinjerc.

Due to its proximity to the sea and Velebit, along with the airflow, Vinjerac is more than suitable for people with breathing problems. The freshness and strength of the morning and the smell of the sea bring back the zest to people exhausted from work and modern life.

Larger sales centers are located in the neighboring town of Posedarje (7 km away), where there is an Emergency Service (available 24 hours a day) and a pharmacy.

Popular beaches around Vinjerc

Activities you can do in Vinjerac: walking, trekking, running, mountain biking, SUP, windsurfing, cliff jumping, jet skiing, boat rental, Dalmatian bocce