About apartmants Katić

Our apartments are located in the central part of Vinjerc, just 70 m from the local beach, surrounded by greenery. The apartments have large terraces with natural shade and a view of the sea.

As part of the accommodation, you can use a barbecue and an additional terrace (gazebo) for socializing and entertainment.

Parking is provided for all guests within our apartments, and the use of the outdoor shower is a great way to refresh yourself after returning from the beach.

The owners of the apartment are the Katic family from Bjelovar, led by their spouses Nikola and Marina. Their sons Kristijan and Mario help them with their work.

We strive to provide our guests with a sense of comfort and security in their own home

In the almost 30 years of the apartment's existence, we have hosted guests from all over Croatia, but also from Europe. Our regular guests usually come from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria. Communication with all guests is mainly in English, but we also support other languages.